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As a Green Beret in Panama and Vietnam, William Hathaway saw first hand the damaging effects of our violent patriarchal capitalism. Now as a writer and peace activist he works to overthrow it. And as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation he works to change the collective consciousness that produces such dominator systems. His novel Summer Snow is a beautiful testament to the healing power of intimacy. His book Lila, the Revolutionary is a hymn to the power in us all!

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What Happens When a Society Succumbs to the Mass Insanity of Warfare?

SUMMER SNOW is a peace novel set amidst the war on terrorism as an American warrior falls in love with a Sufi Muslim and learns from her an alternative to the military mentality. While Special Forces battle al-Qaeda, the escalating violence threatens their future together and the lives of thousands. To save them, the Sufis use ancient techniques designed to bring peace to the collective consciousness and end war. But can they make them work in time?

A tale of love in the shadow of destruction, SUMMER SNOW blends romance, adventure, and mystic wisdom to communicate its theme that higher consciousness is more effective than violence and that women may be more able than men to lead us there.

The first three chapters are posted at

Progressive, transformative, enlightening...

Don’t miss out on this unique and refreshing look at war, spirituality, violence, and transformation.


I loved this book!

I had to read this book for school but absolutely loved it. I read it over a weekend and couldn’t put it down. It was just so different than anything I have read before.

Sufi mysticism, terrorists, war, a love story and a man battling his inner demons…..

As soon as I was finished I wanted to read more by this author.

Sassy Brit


Mysticism, love, war, and hope

Learning the Sufi way of harmony and peace transforms the warrior. He understands such peaceful interventions be the only chance Earth has of surviving endless war. When Cholpon and her gentle sisters locate the stolen atomic warhead, Jeff fears for their survival. Will the Sufi’s peaceful interventions or man’s warring nature save millions from destruction?

This touching love story is also a modern day adventure thriller that blends Sufi mystics, militant terrorists, metaphysical mysteries, and double dealing men of every nationality in surprising ways. This is a true picture of the world we live in as it is, and as it could be if lasting love

Laurel Johson


Peace Activist

Summer Snow is a fiction by William T.Hathaway, a US war veteran and now a peace activist. The story takes place in Kyrgyzstan, which has borders with several other countries including Afghanistan, China and Tajikistan etc. A nuclear bomb is stolen and it is suspected that Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations could be after it for inflicting extensive damage on US property and life. A group of Sufi women try to bring the story to a peaceful end through Transcendental Meditation.

The ending is tragic yet not contrived. The story is well told and holds the attention of the reader. I enjoyed reading the book as a physicist and also as a student of spirituality. Though I don’t practise the meditation techniques described in the novel, I know that they are real and potent. I recommend the book to all the readers who are interested in peace at personal, national and international levels.

S. V. Swamy

Lila is the revolutionary in us all

Lila, the Revolutionary is a fable for adults about an eight-year-old girl-smart, charming, and tough as can be-who creates a world revolution for social justice. No one ever told her she couldn’t end poverty and inequality, so she doesn’t doubt that she can Just Do It! Starting with the Nike shoe factory where she works. Like the boy in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” Lila can see the reality that adults are blind to. And she’s not shy about pointing it out. Her story is a call to action: If Lila can do it, so can we. She convinces us that Yes, a better world is possible, and we’re the ones to create it

Chapters are posted at

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The Revolution

A hopeful hymn to the power within us all


Hope for this world!

William Hathaway’s books have always intrigued me but Lila, The Revolutionary gave me hope for this world. This fable is a call to arms for all socialists and all others who want a better, more egalitarian world. I spend much of my time agitating through my writings for socialists to come together and defeat the capitalist criminals who own this world. But, the thought that a simple, beautiful little girl could bring about a revolution gives me a little hope for all of us. Read this fable and think what it would be like to live in the world that Lila created.

James P. Miller jr


The vision of a child

Living in a world where capitalism is regarded as a near perfect economic system, Lila, an eight year old girl, reminds us that there is an ugly and disturbing side of capitalism that requires protections of the working class from the exploitations of the capitalist class. Lila tells an honest and deeply moving story of a child wanting only the basics of life for herself and her family. She is not trying to fulfill a hidden agenda or manipulate anyone. She simply tells of the injustices suffered by her and her family and how she decided to stand up against them. As a result, Lila becomes a symbol of hope and courage. Lila not only teaches the reader about “the other side of the coin” of capitalism, but also, and more importantly, inspires the belief that even a child can make a positive impact in this world.



An Inspiring Fable

Can one little girl save humanity? If she’s “Lila,” she can. The hero of William Hathaway’s fable for adults is an eight-year-old living in an unnamed post-colonial country. She may be fictional, but her world, as the author sketches it, is completely real. It is a graveyard of dreams where survival is precarious and bettering one’s conditions is almost inconceivable. But not for Lila, who refuses to accept the impossibility of change.

Many readers praising Hathaway’s novella have emphasized its inspirational quality, as the indomitable spirit of a child sparks answering chords in adults who then rise up and win against all odds. And this is certainly a strength of the book. But the book is thought-provoking as well as inspiring. As he describes the unfolding of a fantastical revolution, Hathaway captures some political home truths beautifully. For example: how fighting back energizes those in struggle, even through losses; the necessity for leadership; how it happens that women find themselves in the forefront; and much more — even how surplus-value operates!

Doug B.

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